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1.35m x 2.5m Wolf Solo DCF Tarp – 55g+

The lightest shelter you could possibly have. From 55g, 15K waterproof, additional tie outs added for free!

My best-selling Wolf Solo DCF tarp 55g-103g

Think 20oz is ultralight? This bad boy weighs 2oz. Waterproof DCF that packs into your pocket, superlight, super-tough and UK made. You know you're ultralight when your shelter weighs less than your socks.

Made from DCF with 8 reinforced tie-outs, this tarp is lightweight, strong, durable, and waterproof. Dyneema® fibers are 15X stronger than steel and do not stretch or absorb water, allowing you to make a tight, taut pitch, and the 15K+ waterproof rating means that water does not leak through the tarp, keeping you dry and protected from the rain or dew.

Which fabric should I choose?

  • White 0.34oz DCF – 55g – with a third of the Dyneema® content of olive, this is as light as it gets and requires care. Translucent
  • Olive 0.51oz DCF – 72g – the best strength to weight ratio. Translucent
  • Camo 0.67oz DCF – 88g – the same Dyneema® content as olive but with a dark camo print, making it opaque and great for stealth
  • Green 0.80oz DCF – 103g – twice the Dyneema® content of olive, this tarp is very strong and can double as a groundsheet, opacity between olive and camo

The camo option is a tree camo – leaves, branches, bark, etc. on a brown background. It is one of the most effective forms of camo, non-tactical and commonly used by wildlife photographers.


  • Flat size: 1.35m (4.2 feet) x 2.5m (8.2 feet), large enough for one person
  • Waterproof HH15,000+ fabric – that's ten times better than many silnylons!
  • Super strong DCF – 15x stronger than steel
  • Compact weight-saving size
  • Fully stitched hem
  • 8 reinforced tie outs made with tough polyester webbing and reinforced with backpack fabric for durability (I can add more for free!)
  • Free repair tape included
  • Proudly made in Britain with fabric from the USA

I can add (free of charge) as many extra tie-out points as you need, or you can add full strength tie-outs in the field using my adhesive tie-out kit. Each tie-out adds 1.5g per perimeter tie-out and 3g per interior tie-out.

You can easily and permanently repair cuts, punctures and ember burns using my DCF tape, while larger patches are available if needed.

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