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1.43oz DCF Zip Pouches – 5 sizes – 5.5g+

Uberlight. Uber tough. Bear bag fabric gives these an extraordinary strength to weight ratio. 5 sizes for all your needs!

My extra-light water resistant 1.43oz DCF zip pouches. 5 different sizes with taped seams.

Please note, these pouches currently have GREY zips and not the black shown.

Organise your pack and keep stuff dry with my hyperlight, UK made DCF Zip pouches! Featuring taped seams, waterproof 1.43oz DCF, YKK AQUAGUARD© zips and our careful craftmanship, these are the lightest waterproof zip pouches which still have a solid level of durability. 5 sizes available for all your needs, and a bundle deal for £50 to save ££s as well as grams.


  • Proudly handmade in Britain with 1.43oz DCF from the USA
  • Over 20,000mm waterproof fabric + taped seams
  • High Dyneema® content DCF – 15X stronger than steel!
  • Extra tough – I use this fabric for bear bags!
  • Ultralight YKK AQUAGUARD© zipper – made in Japan
  • Instantly repairable with DCF tape
  • 2 polyester webbing loops for clipping with a carabiner


  • Credit card/wallet: 5.9g, 9cmx11cm (~1/5oz, 3.5" x 4.5"). Makes a great wallet
  • Mini: 6.8g, 10cm x 14cm (~1/5oz 6" x 4"). Good for organising small items e.g. a repair kit
  • Stretch mini (phone): 8.6g, 11cm x 20cm (~1/4oz, 4" x 8"). Good for phones
  • Medium: 9.5g, 15cm x 18cm (~1/3oz, 7" x 6"). Good for a small power bank or phone and cables
  • Map/tablet: 14g, 19cm x 29cm (~1/2oz 8" x 12"). Fits maps, books, tablets, well just about anything really
  • BUNDLE DISCOUNT: 1 of each at a reduced price


I make my zip pouches from 1.43oz DCF, a very special fabric made from Dyneema® fiber – an incredibly strong fiber that is 15X stronger than steel. Not only is it many times lighter than other fabrics, it is also several times stronger, and up to 10X more waterproof. 1.43oz DCF is a very tough fabric, having 2.5X more Dyneema® than standard 1oz DCF.

Important safety information

WARNING: This product is not a toy. Includes small parts. To avoid risk of choking, keep this zip pouch away from babies and small children.

Like all manufacturers, we recommend protecting moisture sensitive items with a zip lock bag. Unsuitable for kayaking or water sports.

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