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3.6m x 2.7m Wolf Hammock DCF Tarp – 238g+

The biggest tarp I make. Fold the doors in for a hammock tarp, or use it as a versatile flat tarp. Unbelievably light.

DCF Wolf Hammock tarp 238g-277g (3.6mx2.7m)

The biggest flat tarps I make, these beasts are big enough that the corners can fold in to form doors for a well defended hammock pitch. Or you can simply use them as an ever-versatile flat tarp of enormous proportions.

Made from DCF with 21 reinforced tie-outs, this tarp is lightweight, strong, durable, and waterproof. Dyneema® fibers are 15X stronger than steel and do not stretch or absorb water, allowing you to make a tight, taut pitch, and the 15K+ waterproof rating means that water does not leak through the tarp, keeping you dry and protected from the rain or dew.

To access the storm door formation, hang the tarp in a frame formation from between two trees, and tie it out at the quarter length tie-outs, not the corners. Carabiner the corners together to form doors.

Which fabric should I choose?

  • Olive 0.51oz DCF – 238g – the best strength to weight ratio, translucent
  • Camo 0.67oz DCF – 277g – the same Dyneema® content as olive but with a dark camo print making it opaque and great for stealth

The camo option is a tree camo – leaves, branches, bark, etc. on a brown background. It is one of the most effective forms of camo, non-tactical and commonly used by wildlife photographers.


  • Flat size: 3.6m (11.8 feet) x 2.7m (8.9 feet), large enough for a door pitch
  • Waterproof HH15,000+ fabric – that's ten times better than many silnylons!
  • Super strong DCF – 15X stronger than steel
  • Fully stitched hem
  • 21 reinforced tie-outs made with tough polyester webbing and reinforced with backpack fabric for durability (I can add more for free!)
  • Free repair tape included
  • Proudly made in Britain with fabric from the USA

I can add (free of charge) as many extra tie-out points as you need, or you can add full strength tie-outs in the field using my adhesive tie-out kit. Each added tie-out adds 1.5g per perimeter tie-out and 3g per interior tie-out.

You can easily and permanently repair cuts, punctures and ember burns using my DCF tape, while larger patches are available if needed.

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