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These are the lightest, no compromise, full strength, full holding power stakes out there.
15g of Anti-odorant for the thru hiker.
Lets you hold up your tent or tarp with a trekking pole, or even just a stick.
Protect your airmat from punctures and get extra insulation at the same time. Extremely lightweight, tiny packsize.
Just 0.3g/metre, a tenth of the weight of many standard guy lines, yet just as strong if not stronger (~70kg/150lb breaking strain). I use these on all my tarp setups.
Make permanent, invisible, waterproof repairs to small holes or tears in your DCF tent, tarp or drybag using our self-adhesive DCF tape. Peel. Stick. Fixed.
Siamese Slik Clips from Duraflex are ideal for attaching kit to packs, or anything where two loops need to be joined with a fast and secure attachment.
The lightest pack towels on earth. Mini or full on beach towels. DCF Stuff sacks are available. Biodegradable, fast drying, Hyperlight.
These linelocs loop onto your tarp/tent tie outs allowing you to easily adjust & tension your guy lines.
12g. 300 lumens. USB rechargeable. Made from a glow in the dark shell with auxiliary UV and warm LEDs to the side.
Utterly game-changing. 11g, yet 300 lumens, IP66 waterproof, USB rechargeable and with red and blue strobe lights. Compatible with my Skylite headband.
The Nitecore Tube 2.0 is an ultralight essential for hiking: it's your backup torch that's always to hand. Outputting 55 lumens, weighing just 9.6g and measuring 56.5mm in length, the Nitecore Tube 2.0 is perfect for your ultralight kit bag, purse or keyring.
Add a full-strength tie-out to your DCF tent or tarp at will. Peel, stick, done. Loadbearing and ultra strong.
Add a mitten hook, loop or pair of buckles to your DCF tent, tarp, groundsheet or anything else made from DCF. Great for hanging up your socks and gloves to dry, anchoring your lantern, or adding a clip to the interior of your DCF pack.
Make permanent and seamless repairs to holes in your DCF tent, tarp or drybag. Big size for big problems.
Turn most tiny, high power torches into a lightweight headtorch.
1g whistles, extremely loud, extremely light.
The lightest way to store your stakes! Two sizes, reinforced base, elasticated top.
A very lightweight way to organise all the poles in your life. Carefully handsewn in Britain. 100% glue free.
Instantly add your favourite tough D rings to your tarp when needed