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Custom DCF tarps

I can make you a custom tarp! Read this and then complete the form on this page to get a quote.

My Legendary Custom DCF tarps

I’ve made hundreds of custom tarps for clients around the world! How do you order one for yourself? Easy:

To order a custom tarp:

  1. Read the information below. It should answer ALL of your questions AND provides estimate prices!
  2. Fill in the custom tarp form at the end of this page with your tarp request. I’ll email you to discuss everything and confirm prices.
  3. Once we have confirmed everything by email, I will send you a link to pay for your custom tarp on my website.

I also have in stock DCF tarps you can buy here. They can also be customised with extra tie outs added for free, at a much higher speed.

Information for custom DCF tarps: Please read this, then contact me via the custom tarp form.

  • Lead time: Usually a couple of days, but we can do it in a few hours if you need it!
  • Prices: From £179, see estimates below
  • Tie outs: As many as you want, free of charge.
  • Fabrics: 0.67oz camo and 0.51oz olive are in stock. I may be able to import other fabric.
  • Weights: From 55g, most tarps are below 250g. See below

All tarps are handmade in Britain and come with free 1st class postage UK or international, and unlimited free tie outs!

Very rough prices & weight estimates

Custom tarps usually do not cost more than my in stock tarps!

1.35m x 2.5m (4.5' x 8'), with 8 perimeter tie outs

  • 55g in 0.34oz white DCF – £189
  • 72g in 0.51oz olive DCF – £179
  • 88g in 0.67oz camo DCF – £189
  • 103g in 0.8oz grey DCF – £189

2.1m x 2.7m (7' x 9'), with 8 perimeter tie outs

  • 129g in 0.51oz olive DCF – £289
  • 149g in 0.67oz camo DCF – £299

2.7m x 3m (9' x 10'), with 16 perimeter and 5 interior tie outs

  • 200g in 0.51oz olive DCF – £399
  • 234g in 0.67oz camo DCF – £429

3.6m x 2.7m (12' x 9'), with 16 perimeter and 5 interior tie outs

  • 238g in 0.51oz olive DCF – £479
  • 272g in 0.67oz camo DCF – £499

4m x 4m (160" x 160") – £799. Weight unknown, never made one, but probably well under 500g.


  • I can make any size tarp, although due to the width of the fabric, one length should be either 1.35m, 2.7m, or 4m. The other length can be anything you like :)
  • All interior seams are taped, water will never get through any stitch holes.


  • I can always do rectangular/square tarps – this is the most versatile shape.
  • I can usually do non-rectangular tarps with straight edges (e.g. a hexagon). Explain the shape carefully in your form.
  • I may be able to do tarps with curved edges, but they will cost a little more and may take longer.

Tie outs

  • Please draw a diagram and send me a photo of it to show where you would like the tie outs, or use one of the pre-set examples in the pictures above.
  • You can have as many load bearing tie outs as you’d like, for free! I do not charge for extra tie outs.
  • My tough, standard tie outs are reinforced with 2.92oz DCF and have a versatile, ultralight Nylon webbing loop. They are free, you can have as many as you like. I can also add non loadbearing lantern loops, or loops for bivi's/hanging clothes free of charge.
  • I can upgrade the tie outs to a tougher and slightly heavier UHMWPE webbing loop for £1.50 per tie out, I can and add Lineloc 3s or Vs, Tensionlocs and Beestee D rings for 50p each. I can source custom hardware at cost. (This may take a few weeks to import).
  • An interior tie out weighs 3g, a perimeter tie out weighs 1.5g, so adding tie outs to your tarp will jack up the weight, and removing unused tie outs will save weight readily. I recommend ordering a tarp with as few tie outs as possible – this keeps weight to a minimum, and if you find you need more you can literally stick them on yourself with my adhesive tie outs. They are just as strong as my tie outs and are simply a case of peeling and sticking.

Fabric – why DCF is awesome

I make all my tarps out of Dyneema® Composite Fabric (DCF/cuben fiber). It is a very special fabric, waterproof to over 15,000mm (10X better than many silnylons) and extremely strong on account of containing Dyneema®, the strongest fibre on earth. DCF is non water absorbing, stretch free (unlike nylon), is inherently waterproof with no coating to degrade, is permanently, invisibly and instantly field repairable with my DCF tape, and can be user customised with my adhesive tie outs in the field. All in all, it is probably the lightest tarp fabric out there. Weights start at 50g, yet it's still strong, waterproof and generally awesome. It is probably the best tarp fabric in the world :)

Fabric choices:

  • The different varieties of DCF are named after their weight in ounces per square yard of fabric, e.g. 0.51oz, 1oz, 2.92oz etc. The lower the “oz” number the lighter your tarp, but the lower the number, the lower the Dyneema® content of the fabric, and the weaker your tarp. Here is the information on all the different fabrics:
  • 0.34oz DCF (12g/m2). 30XT dyneema content. This is the lightest fabric I know of, it is see-through and extremely light. It is strong enough to be pitched and fit for purpose, but requires great care and will not last very long. I very strongly recommend you do not use this fabric unless you are trying to break a speed record, fulfil compulsory race kit, or are a total pro and know exactly what you are doing. It is a very big compromise to save not a lot of weight.
  • 0.51oz DCF (17g/m2). 100XT dyneema content. This is the standard and best ultralight tarp fabric, used by thru hikers. It contains 3x more Dyneema® than 0.34oz and is much stronger and durable, all for a negligible gain in weight. It comes in white, grey, blue and olive, and is the best choice. It is a little see through, not that that matters in a tarp – being able to see the outline of the stars and trees around you is nice! It is in my opinion the best choice for tarps.
  • 0.67ozDCF (23g/m2). 100XT dyneema content. This is 0.51oz DCF, with a load of heavy camo ink blasted onto it. Durability is absolutely identical to 0.51oz DCF, but it is 30% heavier due to the ink, which is essentially dead weight. It is opaque and stealthy, so if you want privacy and stealth it is great, but aside from that it is better to go for 0.51oz DCF and save weight and money – it is 10% more expensive than 0.51oz Olive.
  • 0.8oz DCF (28g/m2). 200XT dyneema content. This contains twice as much Dyneema® as 0.51oz and is twice as strong, and also tough enough to be used as a groundsheet. It is good for tougher tarps, and its opacity is part way between 0.51oz and 0.67oz camo. It is heavier though, perhaps overkill compared to 0.51oz DCF. Available in spruce green, grey and white.
  • Other fabrics such as 1.43oz, 1oz, etc could be made into a tarp, but would be heavy and overkill. If you don’t know what they are you probably don’t need them.

Current stock levels

  • I currently have 0.51oz olive and 0.67oz camo DCF in stock. I can make tarps out of this right away.
  • I can currently import: 0.34oz white and 0.51oz blue and grey. This will take an extra ~30 days and will cost 10-20% more than 0.51oz Olive.
  • Other fabrics are not currently available, but hopefully will be in the coming months. I update this page weekly with newly available DCF fabrics.

How long will it take to make my tarp?

If the fabric is in stock (see above) and if you don’t need me to import special tie out hardware, I can have your tarp shipped within a week from payment (if it'll take longer I'll tell you). If you really need it I may be able to do it faster than that, maybe even same day in an emergency!

If you need me to import fabric or hardware for you, this takes an extra 30 days or so. If need be I can try and speed it up.

Having read all that, there shouldn't be any need for much back and forth by email, simply fill out the form below and tell me the size, shape, fabric type, tie out plan and quantity, as well as any timeframe considerations. I’ll confirm, then you can pay for the tarp and I’ll custom make it right away. How awesome is that?

Get a quote for a custom tarp

Fill out this form with your specifications and I'll get back to you! For tie outs, please specify Preset 1, 2 or 3 (see diagrams above) or briefly describe your tie out plan. I will email you to confirm this :)

If you don't need your tarp by a particular date, just leave the 'date required' field blank.

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