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DCF 2.0 Mini Bear Bag – 10L – 33g

A mini version of my classic bear bag same legendary 2.0 roll top, and tough, waterproof, rodent resistant DCF fabric from the USA.

A mini version of my classic bear bag same legendary 2.0 roll top, and tough, waterproof, rodent resistant DCF fabric from the USA.

Bothies have mice, so do most fields, and they can sniff out your food from a mile away. The mice will gnaw through a normal stuff sack and ruin your food. Nobody realises how much of a problem this is until they are out there and dealing with the aftermath of a rat raid.

The solution? Hang your food up in my tough, rodent resistant bear bag. The DCF fabric is made from Dyneema®. Despite weighing a feathery 33g, my bear bag is so strong that the mice can't really chew through it and so your food is left unscathed. The same technique is used in bear country to stop the bears raiding your food. Simply attach some line to a tree and hang it up out of reach of the mice (or bears).

In bothies, I hang these from the wall or on string from the rafters, during wild camps I hang it from a handy tree. Whilst the bag is rodent resistant, make sure you hang it up as well: don't leave it on the floor for the rats to test their teeth on!


  • Proudly handmade in Britain with 1.43oz DCF from the USA
  • Extra tough, rodent resistant fabric. Suitable for bear bagging
  • Over 20,000mm waterproof + taped seams
  • My unique 2.0 composite Velcro roll top creates a brilliant seal
  • Premium easyclip ultralight buckles
  • Instantly repairable with my DCF tape (stick it to the inside)
  • High Dyneema® content DCF – 15X stronger than steel
  • Quadlayer blast seams – suitable for compression
  • Extra wide mouth for easy rummaging


  • Packed: 32cm (12.5") tall, 12cm x 20cm (5"x8") width/depth
  • Volume: about 10L (~2.2 gallons)
  • Weight: 33g (~1.2oz)


I make my bear bags from 1.43oz DCF, a very special fabric made from Dyneema® fiber – an incredibly strong fiber that is 15X stronger than steel. Not only is it many times lighter than other fabrics, it is also several times stronger, and up to 10X more waterproof. 1.43oz DCF is a very tough fabric, having 2.5X more dyneema than my standard dry bag fabric.

Important safety information

WARNING: This product is not a toy. To avoid risk of suffocation, keep this dry bag away from babies and small children.

Like all manufacturers, we recommend protecting moisture sensitive items with a zip lock bag. Unsuitable for kayaking or water sports.

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