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DCF 2.0 Tough Dry Bag – Tall 8L – 41g

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Lash it under your pack for extra storage. Slides into backpack pockets, extra tough, a convenience lifesaver!

20K waterproof. UK made. 15x stronger than steel.

Now in extra tough 2.92oz DCF. I lash these tall, slim drybags to the sides and base of my pack, giving me 8L of extra storage space each and loads of convenience when setting up and breaking camp.

Most hikers store their tent deep in their rucksack. Packing it deep in the rucksack leaves them and their gear exposed to the elements while they pack, with the big muddy tent dirtying their gear.

I pack fully and get ready to hike in the comfort of my tent, then quickly pack it into this dry bag, lash that to my pack, et voila: ready to hike, completely dry! Evening? The tents easy to find, is pitched without opening my pack, and I can fully unpack in its shelter. Who'd have thought one small dry bag could make such a difference?

Note: don't store moisture sensitive items in these on the outside of your pack, e.g. a down sleeping bag. A big muddy tent on the other hand is no problem.


  • Proudly handmade in Britain with 2.92oz DCF from the USA
  • Long slim dimensions to slide into narrow side pockets and lash loops
  • Over 20,000mm waterproof + taped seams
  • My upgraded 3.0 composite roll top – suitable for compression, velcro free
  • Premium easyclip uberlite buckles
  • Instantly repairable with my DCF tape (stick it to the inside)
  • Quadlayer blast seams
  • 3D construction


  • Packed: 45cm (18") tall, 12cm (5") diameter
  • Volume: about 8L (~1.8 gallons)
  • Weight: 41g: (~1.4oz)


I make my tall dry bags from 2.92oz DCF, a very special fabric which is typically used in the best UL backpacks. It is made from Dyneema® fiber – an incredibly strong fiber that is 15X stronger than steel – and contains 2.5X more Dyneema® than my normal 1oz dry bags. The 2.92oz variety of DCF has a 50D endurance woven polyester face for extra tough abrasion resistance. On the whole, DCF gear is many times lighter, stronger, more waterproof and more repairable than pretty much all other fabrics. If you want the best, you just found it.

Durability – important!

The 2.92oz fabric is tough stuff, typically used in high end backpacks, however the outside of your pack is subject to extreme abrasion, especially when lashed under your pack. As a result, it is likely you'll get cuts and holes. Be careful not to grind it along the ground or catch it on barbed wire, thorns etc. you could damage it. Any cuts can easily be repaired with repair tape (stick it to the inside).

By buying you accept FULL responsibility for any damage or loss of you gear that could result from use of this product, especially when used on the outside of your pack.

Important safety information

WARNING: This product is not a toy. To avoid risk of suffocation, keep this dry bag away from babies and small children.

Like all manufacturers we recommend protecting moisture sensitive items with a zip lock bag. Unsuitable for kayaking or water sports.

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