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DCF Evade Waterproof Chestpack – 6in1 – 51g

DCF Evade Waterproof Chestpack – 6in1 – 51g
DCF Evade Waterproof Chestpack – 6in1 – 51g
DCF Evade Waterproof Chestpack – 6in1 – 51g
DCF Evade Waterproof Chestpack – 6in1 – 51g
DCF Evade Waterproof Chestpack – 6in1 – 51g

The waterproof edition of my best selling Evade chestpack in premium DCF.

Revolutionary – store all your gear up front so you never have to wrestle with your pack! Especially useful for things you want to keep handy like a compass, phone, or snacks. Ultra convenient, UK made.

Wild Sky Gear EVADE WATERPROOF Chestpack 6 in 1 51g. Handmade in Britain.

I've sold over 300 of my hit EVADE chestpacks. The EVADE WATERPROOF is the same proven design, but with a YKK waterproof zip and taped seams, making it pretty much waterproof but still unbelievably hyperlight.

We've all been there: you're lugging your heavy pack along a rough trail and you really want that Snickers bar You get the pack off, undo all the buckles, rummage around, your rucksack cover blows away, your sleeping bag gets wet, you finally find the sneaky Snickers bar, heft the pack back on, do up all the buckles, struggle to your feet, re-adjust all the shoulder straps, and then it turns out you left your phone in the pack and you have to start all over again. Time to get a chestpack!

My favourite item on my LEJOG hike has to be the chestpack I carried: being able to store your phone, snacks, compass, penknife and first aid kit up front, instantly accessible, is a big win when you're covering big miles and really don't want to take off your pack every five minutes.


  • Handmade in Britain
  • YKK® AQUAGUARD® waterproof zip
  • Over 20,000mm waterproof fabric + taped seams
  • 3 cutting edge UL fabrics to choose from
  • Removes and attaches instantly with just 2 buckles
  • Fully adjustable, heavy duty, 4-way suspension system
  • Made with tough, extra grippy webbing from the UK
  • All four mounts have quick release buckles and adjustors
  • 7 colours to choose from
  • From just 51g!
  • Extra webbing straps available for extra flexibility


  • Size: 21cm (8 3/8") wide, 16cm (6 3/8") tall, 7.5cm (3") deep


2.92oz DCF - 51g

One of the rarest, highest performance fabrics on earth. Made in just one factory in the USA, it contains 500XT of dyneema, the strongest fibre on earth at 15X stronger than steel, commonly used in aircraft armour and bullet proof clothing. So much strength means very little is needed to make a tough fabric, so it can be exceptionally lightweight as well as long haul tough. The front is faced with 50D endurance woven polyester for abrasion resistance, it is waterproof to 20,000mm HH (10X better than some silnylons). DWR treated, it is truly special stuff. Now with bio-dyneema synthesised from plants.

Available in alpine white, loch blue, basalt black, and limited edition US military olive drab – a very rare dyneema which we only ever got a couple of yards of.

4.3oz ECOPAK 62g

Made from 100% recycled polyester, ecopak is made from 200D recylcled polyester, 45degree Xply reinforcements, and a thick recycled waterproof (20,000mm HH) film. A yard of ecopak is made from the equivilent of 20+ recycled bottles, PFC free DWR. Solid strength.

2.92oz ULTRA 100 - 51g

Ultra composite fabric (UCF) is made from 100D woven UHMWPE (like dyneema) and recycled polyester. It is backed with a thick recycled polyester film making is waterproof to over 20,000mm. It is twice as tough as 500D cordura, despite being a third of the weight. It's the strongest of them all.

6 functions in 1

As well as being a chestpack, the suspension system can be threaded together using the larks head knot (it's not really a knot) to create a big adjustable strap for a satchel or bumbag. You can also make a pack brain and a harness to store a dry bag atop you pack, or clip off everything to use it as a packing cell.

Mounting the chestpack

  1. Unclip the four webbing lengths from the buckles. Find a loop or daisy chain on your shoulder straps and slide the piece of webbing under it.
  2. The webbing length has a loop sewn into it at each end. Thread the buckle through the loop et voila: the mount is attached! Do this to the other rucksack strap, and to the hip belt if needed for running etc. Clip the chestpack in using the buckles and you're ready to go!
  3. Pull on the webbing to adjust it, and get it tight so it doesn't bounce around.
  4. You need two straps to be attached. You can clip a third strap connected to your hip belt if you find your gait causes the chestpack to rock, and a fourth if you're running and need maximum security.

Removing the chestpack

  1. To remove it, you simply need to unclip the buckles. All four of the webbing straps are attached to buckles which allow you to instantly clip them off – no more fiddling with linelocs and carabiners.
  2. When you need to remove your pack, undo the buckles on one side and you can get out, it'll stay in place so you can easily clip yourself back in, inconvenience free!

Important safety information

WARNING: This product is not a toy. Includes small parts. To avoid risk of choking, keep this chestpack away from babies and small children.

Like all manufacturers, we recommend protecting moisture sensitive items with a zip lock bag. Not suitable for water sports or kayaking.

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